1: Effortless Waves Get beachy waves with a curling wand. Divide hair into sections, curl away from your face, and tousle for natural waves.

2: Sleek Low Ponytail Achieve a classy look with a low ponytail. Smooth hair back, tie with a hair tie, and wrap a strand around the base.

3: Half-Up Half-Down For an easy, romantic style, pull back the top section of hair and secure with a clip or elastic band.

4: Messy Bun Create a chic, laid-back bun by twisting hair into a bun, securing with pins, and gently pulling out some strands.

5: Braided Crown Elevate your look with a braided crown. Part hair, braid each section, and secure with bobby pins for a regal style.

6: Classic Side Braid Opt for a timeless side braid by dividing hair into three sections and braiding tightly down the side of your head.

7: Voluminous Curls Boost volume with big curls. Use a curling iron, curl hair in sections, and tousle for glamorous, bouncy curls.

8: Top Knot Effortlessly elegant, gather hair into a high ponytail, twist into a bun, and secure with pins for a chic top knot.

9: Fishtail Braid Master the bohemian fishtail braid by dividing hair into two sections and intricately weaving strands for a textured look.