1: 1. Start your day with these 5 min Mediterranean breakfast appetizers. 2. Perfect for gatherings or a quick and healthy meal! 3. Try these easy and delicious recipes today.

2: 4. Avocado toast with feta cheese – a nutritious and satisfying choice. 5. Greek yogurt with honey and almonds – a protein-packed option. 6. Hummus and veggie sticks – a refreshing and flavorful combo.

3: 7. Mini spinach and feta omelettes – a low-carb and high-protein choice. 8. Quinoa and berry breakfast bowl – loaded with antioxidants and fiber. 9. Mediterranean-style scrambled eggs – a simple yet delicious option.

4: 10. Enjoy a taste of the Mediterranean with these flavorful appetizers. 11. Perfect for brunch or a light meal any time of day. 12. Incorporate these healthy ingredients into your breakfast routine.

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9: 25. These 5 min Mediterranean breakfast appetizers are a must-try. 26. Perfect for gatherings, brunch, or a quick and healthy meal. 27. Enjoy the flavors of the Mediterranean with these delicious recipes.