1: 1. Examine the weight and dimension of the coin. 2. Look for any visible errors or abnormalities.

2: 3. Check for signs of wear and tear that may indicate a fake. 4. Consult with experts or collectors for verification.

3: 5. Use a magnifying glass for closer inspection. 6. Verify the authenticity with a reputable grading service.

4: 7. Invest in anti-counterfeit technology for added protection. 8. Keep up-to-date with current counterfeit trends.

5: 9. Inspect the edges of the coin for any inconsistencies. 10. Be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true.

6: 11. Compare the coin with known authentic versions. 12. Follow industry news on counterfeit coins.

7: 13. Pay attention to the sound of the coin when dropped. 14. Take note of any discoloration or irregularities.

8: 15. Stay informed on the latest tools and techniques for detection. 16. Keep records of all purchases and transactions.

9: 17. Trust your instincts and seek professional help when in doubt. 18. Safeguard your collection with proper storage and security measures.