1: An NCIS star was pitched for a possible CSI Vegas cameo. The potential crossover would have been exciting for fans to see.

2: The idea of combining two popular crime dramas, NCIS and CSI Vegas, was appealing. The cameo could have brought new energy to both shows.

3: Unfortunately, the crossover was cancelled before it could come to fruition. Fans were left disappointed by the missed opportunity.

4: The potential cameo could have introduced new dynamics and storylines to both shows. It would have been a treat for viewers.

5: The idea of seeing familiar NCIS characters in the world of CSI Vegas was intriguing. It's a shame the crossover didn't happen.

6: Fans were excited about the possibility of a crossover between the two beloved crime dramas. It would have been a television event to remember.

7: The cancelled cameo left fans wondering what could have been. The crossover had the potential to create memorable moments for viewers.

8: The NCIS star's potential appearance on CSI Vegas could have brought a fresh perspective to both shows. It's a shame the crossover didn't happen.

9: While the crossover may have been cancelled, fans can still imagine the potential excitement and intrigue it could have brought to both NCIS and CSI Vegas.