1: After 14 seasons, Blue Bloods is ending. Tom Selleck's iconic role as Frank Reagan comes to a close. CBS confirms the show's conclusion.

2: Fans are mourning the end of this beloved police drama. Blue Bloods has been a staple on CBS for over a decade. Tom Selleck's performance will be missed.

3: The cast and crew of Blue Bloods are saying goodbye. Tom Selleck reflects on his time playing Frank Reagan. CBS releases a statement about the show's ending.

4: Throughout its run, Blue Bloods tackled important issues. Tom Selleck's portrayal of Frank Reagan brought depth to the character. CBS expresses gratitude to fans for their support.

5: As Blue Bloods wraps up, viewers are left with mixed emotions. Tom Selleck's final scenes are sure to be memorable. CBS promises a satisfying conclusion to the series.

6: The legacy of Blue Bloods lives on. Tom Selleck's impact on the show's success cannot be overstated. CBS acknowledges the show's dedicated fan base.

7: Fans are left wondering what's next for Tom Selleck post-Blue Bloods. CBS hints at future projects for the actor. The show's finale promises to be emotional and bittersweet.

8: For 14 seasons, Blue Bloods captivated audiences with its compelling storylines. Tom Selleck's performance has been a highlight. CBS thanks fans for their loyalty and support.

9: As Blue Bloods comes to an end, fans and critics alike reflect on its impact. Tom Selleck's dedication to the role of Frank Reagan is commendable. CBS bids farewell to a beloved series.