1: Discover the beauty of hummingbirds in Georgia. Learn about 12 types and the plants they love.

2: Ruby-throated, Rufous, and more. See these stunning hummingbirds in your backyard.

3: Plant favorites include Bee Balm, Trumpet Vine, and Salvia. Create a hummingbird haven.

4: Attract these lovely birds with Red Buckeye, Coral Honeysuckle, and Cardinal Flower.

5: Feeding on nectar, hummingbirds pollinate flowers. Help their survival in Georgia.

6: Spotting a Black-chinned or Calliope? Georgia's diverse hummingbird population awaits.

7: Whether in a garden or park, these tiny birds enchant. Learn how to support them.

8: Protecting habitat is crucial for hummingbirds. Encourage native plant growth in Georgia.

9: Share the magic of hummingbirds and their favored plants. Explore Georgia's natural wonders.