1: Lucy Lawless discusses Season 4 of My Life Is Murder and addresses the controversial Xena Warrior Princess finale.

2: Lawless reflects on the evolution of her character and the impact of Xena on pop culture.

3: My Life Is Murder creator talks about the inspiration behind the show and Lawless's return to TV.

4: Lawless opens up about her experience on set and working with the talented cast and crew.

5: Fans share their excitement for the upcoming season and Lawless's continued success in Hollywood.

6: Lawless addresses the fan theories and speculation surrounding the Xena Warrior Princess ending.

7: Behind the scenes look at the production of My Life Is Murder and Lawless's creative input.

8: Lawless talks about the challenges of balancing her personal life with her thriving career.

9: Lawless's message to fans as she continues to inspire and empower viewers with her work.