1: Start your day with a Mediterranean twist! These breakfast ideas are quick, delicious, and perfect for busy mornings.

2: Avocado Toast with Feta and Tomatoes is a refreshing way to kickstart your day. Simple, yet bursting with flavor!

3: Greek Yogurt Parfait with honey, nuts, and berries is a protein-packed breakfast that will keep you satisfied until lunchtime.

4: Shakshuka, a North African dish, is a hearty and satisfying breakfast option that's packed with bold flavors.

5: Mediterranean-Inspired Chia Pudding is a nutritious and customizable breakfast that can be made ahead of time for busy mornings.

6: Frittata with Spinach, Feta, and Sun-Dried Tomatoes is a protein-rich breakfast that is both easy to make and delicious.

7: Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Bagel is a classic Mediterranean breakfast option that is both satisfying and nutritious.

8: Mediterranean Breakfast Quesadilla is a fun twist on a traditional breakfast that can be customized with your favorite ingredients.

9: With these three Mediterranean breakfast ideas, you can start your day on a delicious and nutritious note, even on the busiest mornings!